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Training and Learning Application

Training and Learning Application

About the client:

Our customer is a US-based organization that provides trainings for complex behavioral challenges for more than 20 years across the U.S. and Canada in 3 levels as Master Trainer, Trainer, and Specialist.
Master trainers provide training to the employees of different organizations and the employees after completing the training successfully are called Trainers. After successfully completing training, these trainers go back to their respective organizations and train other employees called Specialists from their Org.

  • The requirement was to create a lightning community portal where the trainers are supposed to log in and enter the training details conducted by them to train the specialists.
  • To create the event registration portal in Salesforce where employees can easily register themselves for the event, they also want to sale some products.
  • Manage Master-trainers Trainers and Specialists data.
  • Automate the process flow.
  • Reduce complexities.
Our Solution:

We have divided the application into two parts:

1. Event Registration:

 It is a public registration and shopping site where trainers register for trainer trainings to get certified in the selected course.

2. Trainer Connect:

 It is a lightning community portal where the trainers are supposed to log in and enter the training details conducted by them to train the specialists.
The event registration and shopping site is created with the VF page. Users must select a specific course. After selecting the course user has to fill the participant’s details as well as billing contact details. The user can also add the product related to the training course. The selected event and product are added to the cart. For making the payment we have integrated PayPal payments gateway with Salesforce using REST API. We have created custom objects and fields. We have backfilled their existing data in Salesforce using Data Loader as well as Workbench.
They had the requirement of the community portal, the Trainers are supposed to log in to the community and report the training conducted by them. We redesigned and developed the functionality with Salesforce communities, lightning experience, and lightning components. We have created the custom tabs using the lightning component to register the trainer internally. We have also implemented the Workflow rules and Process Builders to automate the process flow, for sending an mail, for updating the field. To notify the trainer that how many trainings they have conducted in a month we have integrated the Mandrill MailChimp with Salesforce using REST API for sending the emails.

Business Benefits:
  • Our solutions enabled our customer to manage training and event registration data in salesforce.
  • All the specialists got provided with a flexible platform for the event registrations.
  • The trainers can register through the event registration portal and then enter training details using the trainer connect portal.
  • Provided the process automation to update fields and send notifications effectively and easily.