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Unravel Your Cloud Expenditure and Optimize ROI.

Cloud computing necessitates a novel approach to constant monitoring and analysis to keep expenses in check and optimize the utilization of your cloud resources.

Obtain Insights into Your Cloud Expenditure
As you embrace a cloud-native approach, it’s crucial to have visibility into the resources you’re allocating. At 360TechnologyHub, we’ve assisted numerous organizations in evaluating their AWS utilization, service choices, and pricing plans to guarantee they’re only paying for what’s essential. This approach has led to significant reductions in their monthly expenses.


Promoting Responsible Cloud Resource Utilization
Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources
Correctly configure resources to deliver performance
Update Resources
Get the best performance for the lowest price
Analyse Idle Resources
Identify unused assets within your AWS environment
Manage reserved instance (RI) Identify where RIs can provide additional savings
Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources

Case Study

Developing .NET Applications on AWS
In the ever-evolving landscape of FinTech, technology plays a pivotal role in the financial journey. Businesses in this sector often choose to deploy a robust platform that enhances security, resilience, and customer satisfaction while adhering to the principle of minimizing manual intervention.

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