It helps to quickly understand the nature of an attack, where and how it occurred, and what is at risk, so, the security team can take concrete and appropriate mitigation and remediation steps, thereby reducing the impact of the incident on your business Similarly, in digital forensics, we ensure to investigate in detail to look for malware, hidden processes, and rootkits.


Cybercrime and data breaches are at all times high with most businesses facing the threat of cyber-attack. We consider cybersecurity at the foundation of every tech process within your business. Our cybersecurity team can take proactive measures to ensure business continuity by ensuring security standards.


DevSecOps consulting services are the cornerstone of modern software development. Our DevSecOps engineers incorporate DevSecOps processes in your organization and use modern tools that complement our frameworks.


CONTAINER ORCHESTRATION & MANAGEMENT HOW WE HELP WITH CONTAINER ORCHESTRATION AND MANAGEMENT There are different methodologies that can be applied in container orchestration, depending on the tool of choice. Container orchestration tools typically communicate with YAML or JSON files that describe the configuration of the application. Configuration files guide the container orchestration tool on how […]


AZURE AKS HOW WE HELP WITH AZURE AKS We provides full life cycle security across build, deploy, and runtime phases for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) environments as well as self-managed Kubernetes clusters running on Azure Compute. Alternatively, We secure your clusters running on Azure virtual machines. Customers trust us to protect their cloud-native infrastructure from […]


AWS ECS HOW WE HELP WITH AWS ECS We allows you to easily deploy containerized workloads on AWS. The powerful simplicity of Amazon ECS enables you to grow from a single Docker container to managing your entire enterprise application portfolio. Run and scale your container workloads across availability zones, in the cloud, and on-premises, without […]


AWS EKS HOW WE HELP WITH AWS EKS We runs the Kubernetes management infrastructure for you across multiple Amazon Web Services availability zones to eliminate a single point of failure. Amazon EKS is certified Kubernetes conformant so you can use existing tooling and plugins from partners and the Kubernetes community. Applications running on any standard […]