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Automotive, transportation and logistics organizations are faced with addressing ever-changing customer expectations, intensifying competition and the rise of connected vehicles and telematics. To meet these demands, they’re turning to the cloud. 360technologyhub is here to help you make this transition faster and more cost-effectively, so you can compete in this evolving marketplace. Our experts can guide you to solutions that power IoT-driven tracking, monitoring, maintenance and diagnostics, as well as data analytics and predictive modeling — so you can streamline and automate your business processes.

Cloud journey

Use Cases
In the dynamic landscape of Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics, technology is reshaping the industry. Forward-thinking organizations are leveraging cloud solutions to address a variety of challenges and enhance their operations. Use cases span from real-time IoT-driven tracking and monitoring of fleets to predictive maintenance and diagnostics, ensuring vehicles are in optimal condition. Additionally, data analytics and predictive modeling are empowering these organizations to make informed decisions, optimize routes, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Provide personalized, consistent and engaging experience both inside and outside the vehicle that integrates with customer’s digital lifestyles.


Connect and manage systems across the supply chain using the most comprehensive and advanced set of Industrial IoT, data lake, analytics, and machine learning solutions.

Prototype and accelerate the development of IoT solutions, enabling innovations such as connected cars, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous vehicles.

Accelerate design and engineering with cloud-native extended reality (XR) solutions that reduce the overhead cost of running simulation workloads and iterative experimentation, reducing time to market.

Leverage machine learning to analyze data from ERP systems and platforms across your global supply chain to better match production to demand.


Our Approach
Driving Tomorrow’s Logistics Today: Cloud-Powered Solutions for Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics Excellence
Digital Supply Chain Optimization
Enhance logistics efficiency using IoT-driven tracking, predictive maintenance, and data analytics for streamlined operations.
Connected Vehicle Innovations
Leverage cloud solutions for telematics and connected vehicles, providing real-time data for improved performance and safety.
Customer-Centric Mobility
Address evolving customer expectations with cloud-powered solutions for personalized transportation experiences and services.
Cost-Efficient Fleet Management
Optimize fleet operations using the cloud, reducing costs and enhancing vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, and overall efficiency.

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