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Innovative Delivery Model: On-Demand Access to AWS Experts

Expertly Managing Projects for Top-Quality Services
Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our meticulous project handling. We pride ourselves on professionally managing projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services that meet and exceed your expectations. With a dedicated focus on project excellence, we bring your visions to life and guarantee the utmost satisfaction at every stage of our collaboration.

Powerful Applications

Managing Your Projects to Deliver Professional and High-Quality Services
In the early days of cloud adoption, the focus was primarily on migrating existing systems or building entirely new applications from scratch. However, today, there exists a whole generation of modern applications that can take advantage of cloud technologies. By harnessing serverless or container platforms, these applications can rapidly tap into the scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency offered by the cloud.

Collaborative Partnership: Your Cloud Team's Extension

At 360TechnologyHub, we embrace a collaborative approach, seamlessly integrating our experts into your team. Benefit from the collective wisdom and best practices drawn from a diverse array of cloud projects. Together, we forge a partnership that ensures success and harnesses the full potential of your cloud initiatives.

Cost-Effective Approach

Harness cost efficiency by collaborating with a skilled and diverse team of cloud engineers and architects across multiple subscription tiers.

Adaptable Delivery

No need for lengthy commitments, enjoy consistent monthly expenses, and the flexibility to scale your resources up or down to align with your requirements and budget.


Leverage Cloud Expertise for Diverse Cloud Initiatives.
Operating as a collaborative partnership, our 360TechnologyHub Teams offer on-demand access to a team of skilled AWS engineers and architects. They assist in building, migrating, optimizing, and maintaining live AWS production environments. Our services are provided on a recurring monthly basis, offering flexibility, predictable costs, and no long-term commitments.
Migrations to AWS
Elevate your workloads in the cloud
Cost Optimization
Tagging,billing reviews usage and RIs
Performance Management
Load testing and infrastructure optimization

Case Study

Streamlining Food Delivery
360TechnologyHub simplifies food delivery. We began with a co-hosting model, where our digital native application was hosted on our server but maintained by a third party. As our company expanded, we reached our hosting capacity and required additional infrastructure to support our growth strategy. Scaling our business operations using the off-premises co-hosting model proved costly and insufficient in terms of technology to accommodate Wssel’s rapidly expanding customer base.

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