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Why Migrate to AWS?

Adopting cloud enables companies remain lean and nimble, and lets them focus on their core business instead of managing infrastructure. It has become the new normal and for most organizations, the question isn’t “if” anymore; it’s “how fast can we move?” and “what are we moving first?”

By taking our free migration readiness assessment (MRA) , we can help you take the first step towards digital transformation, to decide what needs to be moved to the cloud first

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Benefits of taking the migration assessment
Migrating to AWS offers cost savings, scalability, security, and agility, enabling businesses to innovate and thrive in the cloud era.
Gather valuable information about your infrastructure to prevent overprovisioning.
Build a migration plan that aligns your objectives with AWS best practices.
We will follow an approach without lengthy POC cycles to help speed things up
Determine your licensing needs and costs post-migration to avoid unwelcome surprises.

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Best Practices from Industry Experts
Our rich expertise enables organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership while creating an IT enabled enterprise eco-system. We help in addressing IT needs of SMEs while keeping the cost advantage intact and improving the productivity and efficiency.


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Accelerate your AWS migration with
360 Technology Hub

Moving to the cloud can be transformative for businesses, but the initial preparation leading
up to migration is often daunting — with so many decisions and budgetary considerations to factor,
it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t let that happen to you.

AWS Migration

What do we Migrate?

AWS Database migration

The legacy databases like MS SQL and Oracle DB are still running from on-prem servers and enterprises feel the need to transform to AWS compatible databases like Aurora PostgreSQL. Our past experience in AWS Database migration service for many large-scale enterprises have helped us to foresee challenges and equip us to frame an error-free migration strategy.

AWS Application Migration

In complex enterprise architecture, many enterprises run their applications from a varied range of datacenters, whereas, few of these applications run in AWS Cloud. For such complex IT real estate, AWS lift and shift has to be smooth and it is challenging to minimize business impact
Our solution is to re-design and re-architecture the application to make it suitable for AWS cloud through containerization, thereby, helping enterprises to achieve a hassle-free Cloud Transformation strategy

Microservices on AWS

Microservices are small, independent software architecture style where, modules can communicate through API contracts. Migrating Monolith applications running on Datacenters/ Rackspace to AWS requires break down of monolith applications to microservices through containers in Amazon EC2. Our architects help enterprises to decouple monolith applications to improve cloud readiness, isolate crashes and scale.

Windows on AWS

Companies most often use Microsoft infrastructure services, such as Active Directory, SQL Server, Windows Server, Exchange and SharePoint environments. With our Microsoft workloads on AWS practice, we analyze your infrastructureand architect the best strategy to get them running on AWS in a secure, cost-effective and reliable way.

Migration Process

3 Phases of AWS Migration
360 Technology Hub One follows a unique 3 phased approach and strictly follows AWS best practices when it comes to migrating target workloads to AWS cloud.


We leverage AWS migration best practices to help you work through any migration challenges. We’ll conduct a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) so your business is aware of their cloud readiness.


In our consultation, we’ll identify any potential blockers, financial hurdles, or any knowledge or skill gaps that need to be addressed to ensure your team is set up for success before or after migration.

Migrate & Modernize

We’ll begin migrating your applications, ensuring that all applications have been tested. Once your applications are in the cloud, we’ll optimize your AWS environment for spend and performance.

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