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Expo and Events CRM application

Expo and Events CRM application

About the client:

Our customer is a US-based organization that organizes an annual trade show for media, entertainment, and technology where more than 90,000 attendees from 160 countries and 1,600+ exhibitors participate.


The customer uses Salesforce to manage sales and customers use the external booth management system to book the booths.

  • The requirement was to sync the data between the Salesforce and the booth management system
  • Data consistency and monitoring
Our Solution:

The customer’s sales team uses the salesforce system to manage sales and their customers use the external booth management system to book the booths to participate in the show. The customers modify the company and contact information in the booth management system.

To keep the data between two systems LogiQuad proposed an approach to creating an external system that fetches the modified data from both the systems, processes and updates it in both the systems. We suggested to create a Talend ETL job and host it on the AWS server in a scalable environment.

We sync the Account, Contact and Opportunity records from booth management system using this Talend job.
If the Account and Contact information is updated in the Salesforce, it gets updated through the trigger in the booth management system using their REST API.

How job works:

This job is deployed on the AWS server and scheduled using the crontab. It runs daily at the scheduled time.

The job fetches the modified data from the booth management system using REST web services. It checks for the if an updated record present in the Salesforce or it needs to be updated.

Email Monitoring of job:

The update of the job processing results is sent to the maintenance team and system administrators. We also maintained the job records in the Salesforce, if the job fails to execute then the systems sends an alert to the administrators.

Monitoring using reports:

We used Salesforce to store the details of every job run. So the Salesforce administrators can easily check the statics of processed records.

Custom reports in Salesforce display the sync status of both the systems.


Expo and Events CRM application

Business Benefits:

Customers can focus on their business without worrying about data consistency. Our solution provided a reliable and scalable solution to keep two systems in sync. The overall productivity of the sales team is increased by 40%. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Data accuracy across the system
  • Reduces operation and work handling time significantly
  • Provide effective monitoring of the data