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Building and Hosting an Angular Serverless Application on AWS

Building and Hosting an Angular Serverless Application on AWS

About the client:

Our customer is a US-based Organization working in the Aviation industry. The client wanted to create a serverless application on AWS.

  • The client is from the aviation industry, it had global visitors and Availability was a major concern there.
  • Even the Scalability and Performance was taking hit.
  • Data Security and Monitoring needed to be tightened.
  • High Costs when there is a surge in the application.

The need was to develop and host a serverless application which treats each instance of software as a disposable entity. That entity can be stopped and moved to other servers at any time.

Our Solution:

To meet the requirement we decided to use AWS S3, DynamoDB, and Cloudfront services. We used AWS S3 for hosting the static Angular application. The S3 contents are served by AWS Cloudfront service to provide global availability with low latency worldwide. We created AWS lambda functions that provide the required backend functionality. These functions are exposed to the application with the AWS API Gateway service.

Angular Serverless Application on AWS

These functions read and write the user data in DynamoDB service.

Business Benefits:

Our solution has successfully solved the varying traffic needs with no need to manage the infrastructure. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • No server management is required.
  • The application is inherently scalable.
  • Quick deployments and updates are possible.
  • Low latency to the end-user across the globe.
  • Increased efficiency by paying only for used, not reserved time.