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AWS Infrastructure Setup for Magento

AWS Infrastructure Setup for Magento

About the client:

The customer is a US-based Organization working in the healthcare industry. The client planned to start a new business division for online retailing of nutrition products.


The clients are working in the health care industry area and need to host their online retailing website of nutrition products.
Following were some of the challenges the client faced :

  • Highly scalable IT infrastructure
  • Fast and robust website
  • Zero Downtime
  • Security
  • Global presence
Our Solution:

To overcome these challenges, Logiquad suggested hosting the Magento website on AWS. AWS provides the full fledge of services that can be integrated with ease and result in providing a highly available and fault-tolerant System.

The Magento application runs on an application server and database. We have used the suite of application servers as well as the database servers. The website load is evenly distributed among the suite of the server with the help of Load Balancers. This leads to a fast, robust and highly optimized solution.

We have deployed the servers in the different isolated data centers which lead to the highly available and fault-tolerant system.

We have chosen to use the Managed database server as the database for the website. As with the managed services all the tasks like managing, upgrading, scaling are taken care by AWS.

The application servers were placed in front of the autoscaling group which scales up/down depending on the load that leads to higher performance as well as cost-efficient system

AWS Infrastructure Setup for Magento

Business Benefits:

Our solutions enabled our customers to focus on business without worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure. With AWS cloud we saved approx. 90% on the cost of ownership for infrastructure. The infrastructure designed helped the client to achieve an automatically scalable solution that has a deep improvement in cost reduction along with performance optimization.

Now the client has a well-architected infrastructure that is highly secured, fault-tolerant and running up with zero downtime.