360 Technology Hub


Assure the ROI in digital investment. Visualize, track and invest in the right mediums.

Understanding Data & ROI

Digital marketing efforts leads to visitors, interaction and traffic, this leads to generation of lots of data about their behavior and patterns. Where customers/users are coming from? Where are they spending most of their time? Which product they are liking and which ones are abandoned?
We have gather expertise in data processing and enrichment to make use of the data generated by the web presence. We use most modern tools to derive intelligence and insights into the digital marketing efforts that helps in investing and focusing in right areas.

Web traffic analysis

Your public portals are open to www and visited by the prospects and stakeholders. We will help you derive insights from Google and Facebook analytics, the leaders in web traffic and lead generation.

Unstructured data processing

Using text mining, text analysis and data quality tools like Talend, Pentaho. We can mine data from logs and derive insights from them using hive, pig and other tools. We have extensive experience in reporting using BI tools like Tableau and Jaspersoft.