Cloud Security & Compliance

In the traditional on-premise data center, you are responsible for your entire network – your security controls, hardware, and traffic routers sit in the physical data center. But in the cloud, the security controls are not physically present. In addition, frequently, the computing services are owned by third-party providers, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Challenges with cloud compliance include:

Visibility into Hybrid Networks – The traffic flows over your network are complex. You may have a hybrid or multi-cloud networks, which make visibility even more complex. It is difficult to manage firewall policies without clear visibility into traffic flows over your entire network.

Multi-cloud Approach — Many organizations are using multiple cloud vendors to support their infrastructure.

Automation – Network firewalls have hundreds of security policies. Spread over multiple devices, manual management is difficult and time-consuming.

Compliance Frequently Left to Cloud Providers – Proper configuration of your network security devices is a common regulatory requirement but, in the cloud, compliance is frequently erroneously thought of as the responsibility of cloud providers.

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