With us, you can automate infrastructure, streamline operations, as well as facilitate Infra/Dev/Ops/QA/Security communication. We help clients to build a friction-free operational environment, and leverage secure coding practices. Our development and operations practices are industry-validated and based on modern industry standards

Service Features

We enable CI with DevOps to help you experience brilliant collaboration between delivery and operation. With our CD services, we meet the demands for new software-based solutions; effectively and efficiently. Our expert professionals can help you move fast with security built in the CI/CD processes. We make app security testing a critical part of your CI/CD pipelines and emphasize a ‘continuous everything’ approach to developing stellar products custom-icon

Software-defined Infrastructure Automation

  • Plan for the correct amount of resources needed by auditing current skillsets and the existing infrastructure
  • Create a strategy for resource scaling while taking into account business needs and stakeholder expectations
  • Communicate plans with all stakeholders in order to achieve alignment of resources requirements with client needs


  • Continuously integrate code into the main project and run automated tests
  • Conduct exhaustive Software Configuration Management (SCM) activities to track changes and ensure immaculate version control
  • Orchestrate the automation of building and deployment of software to multiple infrastructure environments and monitor performance

Continuous Testing

  • Execute automated unit tests
  • Regression testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance and integration testing
  • Black/white box testing
  • And validation of environment configurations
  • And validation of environment configurations
  • Ensure that information is optimally passed among components within the system
  • Ensure all your code is performing at the optimal level during staging by creating the most accurate replica of the production environment

Working Hours

  • Weekdays 8am – 22pm
    Weekend 10am – 00am
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