Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery A disaster recovery plan takes into account a preparation for a disaster and the response to it, in addition to the steps required to ensure the system/operation restore. Disaster recovery planning takes into account Programs and data Dependencies Personnel Compliance Types of Cloud Disaster Recovery Backup as a Service (BaaS) Recovery as a […]

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Infrastructure monitoring is used to collect health and performance data from servers, virtual machines, containers, databases, and other backend components in a tech stack. Engineers can use an infrastructure monitoring tool to visualize, analyze, and alert on metrics and understand whether a backend issue is impacting users. In this article, we’ll explain […]

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization We believe in providing seamless experiences through a user-centric and emotional design approach. Logik provides end-to-end UI/UX solutions using the advance designing approach – producing wireframes, developing mockups in stages and taking feedback and approval at each step. Working Hours Weekdays 8am – 22pmWeekend 10am – 00am Call to ask any question +305 […]

Cloud Practices Gap Assessment

Cloud Practices Gap Assessment Automate operations, manage resource consumption and economy of spend while adhering to cloud governance standards through our cloud optimization services How We Help Organizations Streamline their Cloud Environment with our Cloud Optimization Services Optimization is at the heart of cloud computing. That’s why our philosophy is to build a cloud ecosystem […]