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S3 Brower

Simple and powerful AWS infrastructure monintoring.


S3 browser is a lightweight serverless web application that enables you to access any data in your Amazon S3. S3 browser supports all valid file S3 operations – view, create, delete, move, copy, etc.

It lets you view almost all common file types in your browser. You can easily deploy this application in your AWS infrastructure. The S3 browser is integrated with AWS AMI and Cognito so you can browse your files using the AWS API key or by using Cognito user credentials.
File operations
Manage your S3 files. It includes copy, move, upload, download, edit, create, delete, and sort.
File upload and download
Easily upload and download your file to and from S3 browser without AWS console login.
File Viewer
Don’t need to download the files to view them. S3 Browser supports all common file types.
Beautiful UI
Material design components make it clean and beautiful. You can select a theme of your choice.
S3 browser is developed on AWS serverless technology with the latest framework.
Multiple file selection
Easy to work with multiple files. Perform any operation on a number of files with a single click.