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Enterprise Mobility

At LogiQuad we have 8+ years of experience developing enterprise class applications on major mobile platforms – native/hybrid. We will be with you on your journey to secure mobile presence right from the concept, design, development, (monetization) to analytics and complete lifecycle of releases.

Beautiful secure native apps for enterprises

We have solid understanding of Objective C, Koltlin and development environment to create beautiful, efficient, secure and robust applications with super fine user experience and tools required to support revenue generation from Apps. Our rich experience in developing applications for iOS devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod/iWatch will surely make your mobile adaptation a breeze.


We have proven experience in developing native Android applications for Android tablet and smart phones. Our knowledge of Android application Framework, Core Libraries, Applications and Android Runtime development and publishing ecosystem helps us in delivering efficiently.

Hybrid Apps

Develop with us with modern hybrid frameworks to develop beautiful, high performance and reactive, natively compiled application, from single codebase .


Cardova, PhoneGap, React, Flutter. We would love to develop applications in the most advanced hybrid platforms for you.

Fast and beautiful

Using the modern widgets library and UI toolkits with hot code deployment makes the development super fast, agile and intuitive .

Native performance

Most of the hybrid platform provides a layered approach so the code is compiled natively. This makes the application performance lightning fast and super intuitive with fast rendering.