Disaster Recovery

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It is essential for organizations to be well prepared for all types of disasters, whether in the form of hardware failures, cyberattacks or even natural disasters. The business continuity of a company in the event of a disaster is dependent, to a major extent, on its ability to replicate the systems and data.

Service Features

A disaster recovery plan takes into account a preparation for a disaster and the response to it, in addition to the steps required to ensure the system/operation restore.

Disaster recovery planning takes into account

  • Programs and data
  • Dependencies
  • Personnel
  • Compliance

Types of Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Backup as a ServiceĀ (BaaS)
  • Recovery as a Service (RaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery Options

  • Self-Service DRaaS
  • Assisted DRaaS
  • Managed DRaaS

Benefits of Implementing Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

  • Elimination of back-up using disks and tapes
  • Off-site storage of mission-critical data
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliable and easier implementation
  • Faster recovery