360 Technology Hub

Digital Marketing

Make sure you are present where the prospects and customers are spending most of their time and engage them. Decide your primary goals, budget and brand audience. We will help you run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Reach out to highly targeting potential customers with direct engagement, create your brand awareness of your products and services. We will understand your brand, focus and segment and will help you chose the right channel for your digital marketing for maximum ROI.

Facebook/LinkedIn/ Google ...

Targeted groups based on interest, age and geography the is right for your brands and products on various social media platforms. Broadcast or announce latest in your business using Twitter and LinkedIn. We will select right engagement model during based on the the dynamic needs of your brand during its life cycle.

Adwords and PPC

Google Adwords and PPC are the modern style of advertising your brand and products using banner ads, targeted on keyword search and demographics of the person doing the search. This targeted marketing practice is highly effective and configurable on budget and placements.

Advertisements can be video promotions or static or dynamic banner ads that can be launched on leading social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best mediums still to market your brand, new launches, news and products to prospective and current customers. Email marketing has evolved and customer interactions of email promotions is now tracked, analyzed and feedback is taken to improvise and improve the products and services. We have proved experience in email marketing tools and integration with leading CRM and your systems.

Mailchimp/Twilio/ Sendgrid

We provide full integration with your existing enterprise systems and help you configure and run your email campaigns using mailchimp, Twilio, Sendgrid. Importing and preparing of email lists and making sure your system works seamlessly with the email marketing platforms

Tracking and Analysis

We will help you track, measure and report the success of your email campaigns using the best in class techniques which will help you keep a proper white listing of email servers and will maximize ROI on marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is a huge area of generating leads and working in digital marketing worlds. We have experience in working with proven industry-standard content management systems to help you build rich content using different mediums – video, audio, e-catalogue. We will help you build a content authoring, publishing and promotion system that will build your brand and engage your audiences. We can work in Alfresco, Drupal, WordPress for your enterprise content management needs.
Your digital assets and content needs to be searchable and visible on the web. This will help your customers and stakeholder to reach to you. We will configure your web and mobile presence with proper metadata and will make sure that your content on web is searchable and ranked at best on searches.