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Modernize Your Software for the Future.

Embrace the challenges of the future using containerization and serverless cloud-native technology. Our cutting-edge cloud services empower you to enhance scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency, all while integrating new features into your mission-critical software.

Revitalize Your Applications for Success
Transform and upgrade your legacy applications to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape, driving innovation and efficiency.

Powerful Applications

Empower Your Legacy Applications
In the early days of cloud adoption, the focus was primarily on migrating existing systems or building entirely new applications from scratch. However, today, there exists a whole generation of modern applications that can take advantage of cloud technologies. By harnessing serverless or container platforms, these applications can rapidly tap into the scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency offered by the cloud.

Cloud Native Replatforming

Harness the full potential of the AWS Cloud with minimal adjustments to your applications. Embrace cloud-native services as seamless replacements for data, streaming, API management, logging, monitoring, and alerting, amplifying your capabilities.

Embracing Containerization

When serverless isn’t an option, Containers are the preference for deploying modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers often require minimal changes to the application, making them the perfect evolutionary step when an application isn’t appropriate for major refactoring.

Serverless Refactoring

Write the software you want to write. Build self-healing, auto-scaling, serverless applications, unchained from the limitations of servers.


Immerse Yourself in Immediate Cloud Benefits Across Your Entire Business.
Count on us to be with you every step of the way.
Embracing a Cloud-Native Mindset
We help you leverage AWS services to offload undifferentiated dependencies such as databases, storage systems, and supporting software.
Implementing DevOps From the Get-Go
We guarantee you will gain the benefits of a CI/CD pipeline for deployment and operations, utilizing a single source of truth in source control and ensuring consistent & auditable environments.
Increased Efficiency
We ensure that serverless and containers more effectively utilize the underlying hardware, resulting in significant savings.

Case Study

Monty Mobile’s Shift Toward a Cloud-Centric Future on 360TechnologyHub with AWS
UK-headquartered Monty Mobile is a telecommunications solutions provider and international SMS wholesale intermediary hub. It works closely with worldwide mobile operators, aggregators, and enterprises to facilitate the international flow of voice and SMS services across global markets. The company needed to change its outdated technology to deliver on its vision and plans for creating new products and services to compete with younger, cloud-native businesses.

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